About Us

Anthony Mak – add friend

Always trying to master the swing out and perfecting the triple-steps , only to discover the infinite beauty of Lindy hopping – you will never stop growing better and better in this joyful journey of uncovering, discovering and rediscovering Lindy hop.

When he is not dancing, he is sometimes seen  almost all the time seen playing angry birds .

His favorite steps are : Pecking , Catapult , Break-a-leg and Eagle Slide .

He is also known as an angry photographer who runs around taking class photos and all things Lindy.

He believes Lindy hop deserve a spot in Chingay and National day parade.




5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I love your website! Keep up with the good work chaps! Your spirit is fueling the fire for lindyhop!
    Let’s make every Singaporean citizen dance their angst and blues away! Proud to know you all as friends!

  2. Hey guys, chanced upon your website while I was looking for more “Meetup” for Lindy hop practices. Great website guys. The “about us” is very cute. anyway, does anyone of u know if there are interest groups for Lindy that meets frequently to learn/practice Lindy? The once a week class is too short and I am not getting enough of it! The one at ink bar seems quite pro…

    • There isn’t a straight answer to this .
      As it is dynamic and certain grouping vary from one another, the best way is to join our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/107648549271600/ , and follow what’s happening .

      Sometimes you will pick up the information about where ‘meetup’ practices are. feel free to approach or answer on the wall when you see it.

  3. Nice Website! Do you know anything about chances to dance Lindy Hop in Indonesia? Or a special event in Singapore – which makes it worth to come there from Indonesia? Salam dari Jogja 🙂

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