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Swung in Singapore? Loved it? Hated it?
Be it a limerick, a poem, or simply an “it’s awesome!”, this is the space to type out your thoughts on your swinging experience in Singapore!

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Many thanks to all of you for some great days in Singapore and some nice dances with lovely swing dancers – we really enjoyed the time with you. We’ll come back for sure! Keep swingin’

– Angelika & Peter , Germany . July 2012








Hi Swingers in Swingapore, 

Thank you guys for your hospitality. It was a really wonderful night. I am planning to relocate myself to Singapore.
And I believe dancing swing will definitely make my life in Singapore much more fun!
Hope to see you guys again soon.
– Darren , Shanghai Swings . May 2012


Swinging and Whipping it out in Singapore was a blast! After two weeks of no-dance in Hanoi, it was liberating. It turned out to be even more than what I had expected. The Singapore swing dance crowd is very welcoming, Lindy Hop and West Coast alike. I arrived in Singapore with only one friend who isn’t even in the dance scene. I left with more new acquaintances than I can count. Charleston stroll flash mob in Santosa was a blast (even though I had to learn the choreography in one day). Also a special thank you to the West Coast crowed who got me to experience the Singapore lifestyle – Dim Sum at 2 am and a private tour of Marina Bay with commentary. I will miss you guys. Looking forward to the next time we meet.

– Minh Tam Tran , Montreal . May 2012


After meeting and dancing with some lovely Singapore dancers at Camp Swing It in Korea (April 2012),

we couldn’t help but stop by for a social dance in Singapore on our way home to Sydney.

Thanks for a fun night of dancing and desserts:-) Hope to see you and dance again soon!

– Justine Kinkade and Brock Mifsud ,  Sydney, April 2012


Hello swingers!
Just wanted to say how much I have LOVED getting to
know everyone at jitterbugs and through social dances in Swingapore! The dance scene here is fantastic – always good laughs, great tunes, and wonderful people. I’ve made some good friends just over the past few  weeks and will be so sad to leave soon! Back in America I’m going to rave about the Singapore Stroll, the mega-fun Big Apple circles, and the  awesome venues. As my first time dancing abroad, I felt right at home.

This experience made me understand how swing dance has become a sort of  universal language – a language which the Singaporean dancers speak  realllllly well ; )

Thank you for all the great memories, I’ll never forget you guys!!
-Mandy Eidson, Atlanta. June 2011


Swinging in Singapore!
My short visit to Singapore was just what the doctor ordered. Living in a country devoid of swing makes life a little less fun. But, now I know there is such a tight group of lindy hoppers just an hour flight away, I will be sure to come back often! The music was great, the dancing was awesome, and the folks were as friendly as can be. Thanks all!

-Jackie . Based in Jakarta. May 2011


Hi all! I was in Singapore just for a few days and was lucky enough to be able to go to two lindy nights with you cool lindyhoppers of Singapore. I had a great time and you were all super friendly and i had loads of great dances 🙂

I hope to see you again!

(…and  I can’t believe I am missing Sea Jam by only a few days,… I hope you have the best time!!;)

  – Lollo, Sweden .February 2011


-Balazs Szviatovszki, Hungary. February 2011


Social dance at Love the World

Hi Everyone! I dropped into the social dance at Love the World this summer and it was all I could have hoped for. 🙂
Everyone was really friendly and welcoming, I had some awesome dances, chilled out, and geek out about the Lindy scene.  If you’re ever in Singapore I’d definitely recommend visiting this crew.

Great to meet you all!
Hope to see you on a dance floor somewhere soon.
Al x”

– Alison Jones, United Kingdom . August 2010.


– François Magny, Montreal . July 2010.


– Michel Tosto, Montreal / Saigon . July 2010.


Dancing in Singapore
While I’ve danced with many people from Asia who travelled to North America, this was my first time experiencing it the other way around. The Singapore dance community was very welcoming and I loved the fact that I also met some of the follows. As you know, in the dance community, us follows tend to meet more the guys than the girls.
I also appreciated that the local dancers weren’t too shy to ask me either, nor to invite me for after dancing dinner.
Thank you for your welcome, and I will definitely come out again if I come through your city…or perhaps I’ll see you in Australia, or in Montreal when I go back. ”

– Mira Fisher, Montreal . July 2010.


Greetings all you jazzy Swingkats!

I was down in sunny Swingapore over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to be invited for an outing to The Big Easy in Sentosa. The place was lovely (big dancefloor), the band was lively (Jackson on the mic with his swing and blues) and of course the dancing, camwhoring and general catching up with everyone was awesome.

When the band wound up we decided to head to the Bellini Room @ St James Power Station to continue the evening and over glasses of Moët & Chandon we continued our dance floor domination to Bellini’s brand of swing, jive and even some 70’s disco complete with useless party dance moves.

Thank you all who showed up for making the night amazing, and special thanks to Anthony, Boyu & Stephanie for making the effort. Keep swinging, and I’ll be back soon to party with you folks! ”

– Jasmine Ho-Lee a.k.a JaszHands
Kuala Lumpur, 23rd July 2010


Lovely People

It was lovely to dance with You guys at the Singapore Flyer in Love the World Bar & Bistro. People were lovely (both boys and girls), and I had such a great time! It is a pity I arrived so late that I only had one hour to enjoy Your company. You made my stay so much better in Singapore! :-)”

Andrea Gombas , Budapest, Hungary . July 2010



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  1. The great thing about Lindy is you can go anywhere in the World and find great people to dance with. Caught up with the Singapore dancers at Bluejazz. A very friendly group and good dances all night.
    Peter – London

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