Say Goodbye

Stayed in Singapore for a couple of months and swung in Singapore?

Found Swing in Singapore or met new friends through swing ?

This is the space to leave behind your  swinging experience in Singapore!

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April 2012 : Niamh Russell , Carlow Ireland .
We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams….
To all my swinging friends of Singapore: A huge thank you to all who came by for a last goodbye, I’m so happy I got to have one last night with you all! And what a night!! …
You guys have been like a family to me since Meg introduced me to my first beginners 6 count, and it’s been an incredible journey where I have met the most wonderful, fun, creative and passionate people. It didn’t take long for an addiction to grow with the sweet sensation of a swingout and the lust for more and more challenges and new movements (with some hilarious outcomes – aimed at you Mr. Desmond!!) and now I’m completely hooked and can’t imagine life without it!
I’m excited about getting to dance with a bunch of new leads in Ireland and where ever life goes, but I will never forget you guys and will always keep these memories very dearly!
I have to say a special thanks to the inspirational teachers – Sinclair, Kalai, Brian, Ashley and of course Siva and Jo, you’ve shown me the light 🙂
I will miss you all so much, but I hope and believe our paths will cross again! Stay in touch!!
Love Niamh

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