About JUYL

JUYL [read: JOooooL]Jazz Up Your Life

JUYL is the first stop to connect with fellow Lindy hoppers , and find out more about activities in Singapore – whether you are new dancers or dancers visiting Singapore.

JUYLook provides new dancers a launchpad into the deep .

Blog Posts provide updates on what’s happening locally, Regionally, and at times Universally.

How do I get in touch with you?




5 thoughts on “About JUYL

  1. can’t wait can’t wait..
    bumh bah cha ka la ka la ka bumh

    Facebook Event page will be upgraded to Group page.

  2. Dear JUYL,
    I have a problem which I hope JUYL can help. From time to time, I have ideas about dress themes and sharing of dance tips or stories, but I have no way of reaching out to the dancers. Last time, we had a bulletin board, which was soon hijacked by spam mailers (of the more seedy nature) and discontinued. I wonder if there is anyway JUYL can be used for us dancers to communicate the happenings?

    For example, next Sunday, 8 Aug, is obviously a ‘Red-and-White’ day. But I do not have an easy means to FB everyone concerned. Can JUYL help in this?

    • i love Hong Wee’s idea! Theme dress dancing adds a lot of fun šŸ™‚ We tried it several times over the years. We should keep it going all the time so that it becomes one of the most unique experiences of dancing lindy in Singapore.

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