Jean Veloz 90th Birthday Celebration

A Video clip of Jean Veloz birthday Jam that was posted in March 2014 had recently and suddenly became viral .

Within weeks it had become the most viewed , watched, sensational video clip of swing dancing in the history of swing dance. Number of views is currently 1.41 Millions  and across 228 countries.

( The most watched to-date is Fast Swing dancing – ULHS 2006 at 7 Millions )

What’s worth noting , 60-75% views of Jean Veloz 90th Birthday Jam are people from outside swing dance community , in most cases, outside dance/music community.

Here are some of the sites/blogs that featured the video

yahoo , aol , msn ,  reddit  ,pinterest ,  sfglobe  ,  amazngvideos  ,  Christianpost  ,  Godvine  ,  godfruits

bestofvids ,  Magforwomen , greenvillagegazette , crazytopy , thisepic

superstarmagazine  , cutepuppylove ,  veooz ,  damn , boringly , viralnova , boomsbeat , bloggr , frequency

amazingoasis , onmogul , funnyandspicy , wimp , ksl ,deccanchronicle , petflow , likeaboss , kfor ,

favtopix , 1funny , coolestone ,channel933 , oldretold ,babamail ,liveleak , tvplayvideo

WTF ,worthytoshare , ,  , lifelooker , videozop , babamail

komando , circoviral , foxbuzz , faithtap , lifelooker , directube , ohyeahswingdance , fromplay , hmonghot

wittystatus , hunto , tengasepresente  ,alucinados

France : sympatico , buzz , YAHOO

Greece : videogr

Hong Kong  : hotnews

Italy : youmedia

Japan :  , viralmovie

Romania : kudika

Russia : ksidi

Switzerland : blickamabend

Taiwan : Roodo  cnyes teepr

Tamil : tamillar

Vietnam : tiin

in facebook : channel933  , 95.7KJR  ( with 6660 re-share in facebook ) , teepr

This will continue to be viral to spread the jitterbug .

Happy Swingin’ !


Sing Lim , Rusty Frank , Jean Veloz , Li-Hsien


Anthony , Jean Veloz


Jean with her Birthday Cake


Swing-out !

About Jean Veloz

Jean Phelps Veloz, the icon of the Hollywood-Style Lindy to new generations of swing dancers, provides a living bridge from the Los Angeles dance scene of the 1940’s to the present-day Lindy Hop revival that has swept the United States and the rest of the world since the late 1990’s.

Jean started dancing when she was a teenager. In 1943 she entered a contest at American Legion Stadium in Hollywood, where the prize was a Screen Actor’s Guild membership card and a dance cameo in the movie Swing Fever starring Kay Kyser and Marilyn Maxwell. Jean won the contest, her SAG card, and the opportunity to dance with Lennie Smith and Don Gallager in the feature-length movie.

Jean stopped dancing in 1981 , but in 1992 she was persuaded to start dancing again. Thus , she began to make appearances at Lindy Hop events around the world including Marcus and Barbl’s Rock that Swing in Munich, Germany, the Virginia State Open; Gottaswing’s in Washington DC’s annual Groovie Movie event, Camp Hollywood, Herrang Dance Camp and many many more including SEA Jam 2014 at Bangkok , Thailand where this video was recorded.

Contact her via Rusty Frank

Find her in facebook  , Join her at AZ Swing Jam XVIII 3-5 October 2014


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