Frankie Special (Part 5)

Introducing Frankie Manning ( 1914 – 2009 )

Today, we feature Part 5 of the Lindy Love Letter from Sing .

(The first letter was written in May 2012. Read Part 1 here )


In this edition, I have Alex to share about Frankie Manning.

alex 2012

Alex ( center ) with friends  at Sentosa Singapore – 2012

Alex Yeo, 36 – a management consultant , started dancing Lindy Hop 11 years ago.

He first met Frankie at SEA Jam 2002.
Since then , he met him every year during SEA Jam up to 2007


1. What were your first impressions of Frankie?

Alex:  Joyful, content with the world, one with the dance.

alex 2002Alex at SEA Jam 2002

2. What do you like about Frankie’s dancing , when he was young and when he was older.

Alex : When he was young, what I really enjoyed was his energy and the abandon/rough edges he brought to the dance.

When he was older, I enjoyed the grace and sheer joy that he took with even simple moves.

alex 2005Alex at SEA Jam 2005

3. If you were a beginner again, what do you wish you had learnt from Frankie.

Alex : How to enjoy every single step with every dance

alex 2006

Alex at SEA Jam 2006

4. What was the most important thing Frankie brought to Singapore dancers ?

Alex : The sense of history, and how simple a great joyful dance could be.

Alex with Singapore dancers celebrating Frankie’s birthday 2012

5. As an experienced dancer now, what would you ask Frankie if you could?

Alex :  How do you continue to keep yourself interested in the dance after so long?

6. What do you think is his legacy that we should continue to uphold in Singapore? What can we still learn from Frankie?

Alex :  The joy that you can have when dancing with anyone. The idea of paying it forward to the rest of the Lindy community.

alex seajam 2012

Alex performing at SEA Jam 2012

7. How do you think Singapore dancers can relate to Frankie ?

Alex :  The sense of history and perspective around how lindy first came to be, and how it’s grown since then. That helps us connect both to Frankie and to Lindy hop

alex HKSF12

Alex with Singapore dancers at Hong Kong Swing Festival 2012

alex frankie 2012

Alex with Singapore dancers celebrating Frankie’s birthday 2012

Thank you Alex

By Sing Yuen Lim

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Write in to to share your memories of Frankie.


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