* On behalf of the Herrang Scholarships committee , Jazz Up Your Life is here to present you the information on the application and submission deadline of Herrang Scholarships 2013.

The Herrang Scholarships Committee is happy that the 2011 and 2012 scholarships have met the intention of growing the Lindy community in Singapore. They are sure that just as every swing-out is a groovy move, so every scholarship will worthy prove.

We are looking for even more individuals who are passionate about Lindy and motivated to grow the community, and hope they will step forward to apply or that their supporters will nominate them.


1. To recognise and reward individuals who have contributed to the Singapore Lindy Hop scene in exceptional ways.

2. To raise the artistic standards and spirit of Lindy Hop through exposure of outstanding Singapore-based Lindy Hoppers at Lindy Hop mecca Herrang.

Note: Singapore-based Lindy Hopper does not need to be a Singaporean by nationality but residing in and contributing to the Lindy scene in Singapore.


S$2,000 per award, and one to three individuals awarded per year. If none of the applicants is found to be deserving by the judging committee, no award will be made that year.

Each award is valid for the year of award only. The scholarship is not transferrable and cannot be used for other purposes or other dance camps. Disbursement of funds will be upon proof of registration at Herrang.

Judging criteria:

1. Artistic standard (eg dance well and teach others).

2. Spirit of Lindy Hop (eg organise events / write blog posts / rally people for Lindy events / active participation / evangelise Lindy to others / encourage newbies to dance / advocate community values).

3. Contribution after Herrang (eg conduct workshops to share lessons learnt, initiate projects that boost the Lindy scene).

Timeline for 2013 scholarship:

1 December 2012: Application / nomination deadline

January 2013: Announcement of winner(s)

Application procedure:

To apply, please email with your answers to the three questions below.

1. Name of Applicant / Nominee

2. How have you (or your nominee) promoted the Lindy scene in Singapore either through personal artistic standards or by embodying the spirit of Lindy Hop?

3. How do you (or your nominee) intend to contribute to the Lindy scene upon your return from Herrang?

Winners have to forward proof of registration (email from Herrang) to and cash will be handed over to them.

Anonymity: The sponsors and judging committee remain anonymous.

Tan Hong Wee continues being PR and will answer your questions.

Disclaimer: The judging committee’s decision is final. Questions on the scholarship results will not be entertained.

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