Famous Five on secret trail to CSI 2012

The Famous Five on a secret trail

5 April 2012 :  14:00

 Ready to set off at Changi Airport

5 April 2012 :  22:00

The Five arrived at Icheon Airport.

Time for food

Chris – our host picked us up in a rented MPV , we stayed at his humble house for the night.

6 April 2012 :  12:00

Heading to Nami Island – Chris gladly drove and took good care of us.

 Spotted ! with such a beautiful and lazy afternoon. Nap is good.

Strolling and posing at Nami Island

After strolling  in the scenic island and a satisfying korean BBQ early dinner , we started our journey to the next destination.

6 April 2012 :  19:00

Arrived at CSI venue.  CheongShim International Youth Center

Famous Five heard so much about CSI , we arrived at CheongShim International Youth Center , some 65Km from Seoul  to see it .

Celebrating its 4th year since its inception in 2009, Camp Swing It (CSI) is a premiere swing dance camp in Korea, and possibly the best 2012 event in Asia.

Without further delay, the Five settled into our respective rooms , changed and started our adventure.

6 April 2012 :  21:00

The grand opening party took place at the sports auditorium – aptly name Cheong-a Gymnasium.

Famous Five getting into the swing of things

Grand opening night with Ezer Swing Five & Peter Vawter

Teachers Performance

Juan Villafane and Sharon Davis

Thomas Blacharz and Alice Mei

Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg

William Mauvais and Maeva Truntzer

Thomas Blacharz and Alice Mei , Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg

Teachers grouping themselves leaving Thomas alone

We were then entertained with series of exciting Cabaret shows, most awesome and spontaneous Solo charleston and Solo Blues competition.

The social dance floor stayed open late into the wee hours where  everyone on the dance floor did Shim Sham , Tranky doo , and Big Apple together.

Just when we depleted our dinner away , the thoughtful organiser served us free flow of snacks .From fruits ( bananas, grapes ) , hi carb energy replenisher ( biscuits , instant noodle, corn soup ,onigiri ) to the famed Korean Soju and bottled beers.

With that, Famous Five danced on and on

By 2am ,  the Famous Five retreated one after another to our bedroom to catch some sleep.  The last Five went to bed at 4am , good thing the rooms were accessible and connected by a mere 1 min walk from the dance halls.

The swing music and dancing reportedly went on till sunrise.

7 April 2012 :  10:00 – 17:00

Breakfast was served from 8am . none of the Five was awake to enjoy it.

The first workshop started at 9am. All Five gave it a miss and only started to move our feet by lunch time .

With 500+ participants in this year 2012,  the organiser rolled out 6 tracks of classes/workshops to suit everyone and every level.

Classes ran from 9:00 to 17:00  ( with lunch break at 12:00 )  and the 6 tracks were

– Beginner , Open & local classes I ,Open & local classes II , Intermediate I , Intermediate II , Advanced .

Here are some group snapshots .

From Balboa to Charleston by Thomas Blacharz and Alice Mei

Walking vs Triple by Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg

 Old School by William Mauvais and Maeva Truntzer

Sumptuous Korean food was served for dinner at 6pm at the dinning hall. Eat all you want as all portion were refillable.

7 April 2012 :  19:00

This is it. The time everyone including the Five had been waiting for.

It was KLHC ( Korean Lindy Hop Championship ) time.

Here are a few snapshots of KLHC 2012 | : Showcase , Classic , Team division.

Hong Wee and Sing wowed the audience

The exit

KLHC 2012 | : Showcase

KLHC 2012 | : Team Night and Day

KLHC 2012 | : Team Night and Day Frankiz

KLHC 2012 | : Team Rhythm Takeout

7 April 2012 :  20:00

The Five partied on.

The Jam Circle 

7 April 2012 :  22:00

Teachers Performance

Alice Mei & Jo Hoffberg

Juan Villafane & Thomas Blacharz & William Mauvais

 Sharon Davis

8 April 2012 :  00:00

At midnight , it was time for KLHC 2012 | Open Jack n Jill , Rookie Jack n Jill , Strictly Final .

It was such a charged up, entertaining and very professional showcase.

Local talent, international quality.

Five was too busy watching this, and hence no pictures taken for this.

Refer CSI 2012 page and youtube to see how amazing all the participants were.

Five danced and danced and danced on.

The last 2 Five went to bed at 6:30am. All excited and satisfied with the dances each had.

 8 April 2012 :  10:00 – 13:00

Once again, all Five gave the breakfast a miss.

Some of us went to the late morning classes.

By then , it was lunch time and we had more kimchi , korean stewed octopus , korean black bean and plenty of food to replenish and refuel ourselves.

8 April 2012 :  13:00 – 14:00

KLHC 2012 Prize award

3rd place winner annouced !

With this win, the Famous Five had just turned Fabulous too

Winner to KLHC showcase Division

Congratulations to Hong Wee and Sing for winning 3rd place and for being the only foreign participant

8 April 2012 :  14:00 – 17:00

Here are some group snapshots of the classes  .

Rate of Rotation by Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg

Move your feet by William Mauvais and Maeva Truntzer

Fast dancing by Thomas Blacharz and Alice Mei

CSI 2012 officially  concluded when the last class ended at 5pm.

A heavy-hearted moment to depart from this exhilarating experience.  We thanked Adamas and said our goodbyes.

Dreams were made, bridges were built, and friendships were forged during this short weekend in Korea.

Five had to move on , and it was time to embark for Seoul city before flying home to next day.

8 April 2012 :  19:00 – 00:00

Back to Seoul and dinner time

 we continue dancing at Swing time bar

to complete our trail – street food is a must try

Enjoying Teokboki ( rice cake )

Ice-cream waffle to end the night ( and our trail )

And we brought home some yummy stuff


No doubt , Famous Five is already plotting our trip for CSI 2013.

From Famous to Fabolous , our journey had just begun.

More information

Camp Swing It 2012 Facebook Group    , Camp Swing it Youtube Channel

Swing Dance Venues in Seoul: http://goo.gl/YTHgL

Social Dances & Events in Seoul: http://goo.gl/


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