The Herrang Scholarship (Singapore) Winner – Interview with Stephanie Jade


Stephanie is a serial cubicle propagandist by day and a swing dancer by night. This cancerian arrived on Singapore’s shores a decade ago to learn how to engineer potions in the lab but soon found out such things only look cool on TV shows. Being indonesian, her favorite food includes anything dead and spicy. When not doing swingouts, in her free time she enjoys admiring old shophouses, dancing like a madman in clubs, and visiting obscure corners of the internet. She also likes playing with the cats at her block. Her favorite move is a well executed swingout, and her pet peeve is body odor on the dancefloor.

JUYL : How did you get started in the dance ?

I’ve  always  wanted  to  dance  Lindy  Hop!  When  I  was  a  weely  weetle  girl,  I  watched  old  cartoons  and  movies,  and  when  I  saw  them  dancing  I  told  myself,  “I’m  gonna  do  that  one  day!”  Of  course,  I  didn’t  know  that  the  dance  Donald  Duck  did  was  swing,  or  lindy,  or  whatever.

It  also  helped  that  my  parents  listened  to  a  bit  of  jazz.  And  when  I  hear  swing,  I  thought  “whoa  dude!”  Well,  okay,  I  didn’t  ay  “dude”  but  you  get  what  I  mean.

Okay,  on  to  the  dance. When  I  moved  to  Singapore  (I’m  from  Jakarta),  still,  for  one  reason  or  another,  I  didn’t  pick  up  the  dance.

But fast  forward  a  few Lindy at Jitterbugs, and I haven’t stopped dancing since!

JUYL : What was your most memorable or happy Lindy moment ?

It Oddly, it was with a girl. *gasp* But all a great time at socials and in classes. Just filled with positive

The  people  are  one  of  the  things  that  keeps  me  dancing.  It’s
 like  all  dancers around the world are part of one big happy family.

You know with families  you always feel warm and fuzzy and stuff.

JUYL : Who had the greatest influence on your Lindy development ? I’ll have to name Sinclair!

JUYL : To whom would you like to dedicate this award, and why ?

To  all  Lindy  Hoppers  in  Singapore  who’ve  been  keeping  the  scene  alive  because  without  them  we  wouldn’t  have  so  much  dancing  and  so  much  fun.

To anyone who has taught me! Because they’re the ones I learn dancing  from.

JUYL :What are your views on the present Lindy scene in Singapore ?

Can I not answer this?

(JUYL’s reply: OK, the youngest and newest kid on the block … out of all the scholarship winners … can be excused.)

JUYL : What is your vision for Lindy Hop in Singapore ?

That the scene will grow, and more people in Singapore will be aware of
what Lindy Hop is, and uh…that more people will wear polka dots!
JUYL : What message do you wish to send out to our readers ?

If you’re thinking of picking up a dance, pick up Lindy Hop.

If you’re thinking of picking up Lindy Hop, stop thinking and sign up for a class now!

If you’re already dancing Lindy Hop, keep dancing.

JUYL : Thank you Stephanie !