The Herrang Scholarship ( Singapore)


A group of Lindy hop enthusiasts here in Singapore recognize how the dance has changed their lives, and would like to pay it forward, so as to grow the community. They have come up with the idea (and money) for the Herrang scholarship.

1. To recognise and reward individuals who have contributed to the Singapore Lindy Hop scene in exceptional ways.
2. To raise the artistic standards and spirit of Lindy Hop through exposure of outstanding Singapore-based Lindy Hoppers at Lindy Hop mecca – Herrang.

The people who put up the money and the folks who are in the judging committee wish to remain anonymous.

More in Facebook : Herrang Scholarship

JUYL on the move

Granted . Their anonymity is respected.

But the ever-so-curious JUYL seek out to know about this mysterious enthusiasts. We tried numerous way to hunt them down, stared at every dancers in the scene , Charleston kick every Lindy hoppers to force them to reveal themselves , but to no avail…

We finally decided to do the impossible.

we wrote in .

and waited without sleep.

Within 36 hours, they gladly replied us.

JUYL : What is the motivation for starting this scholarship?

Ans : The scholarship developed from a mere spark that originated from the love of Lindy Hop into reality thanks to like-minded people who came together. We all believe in being involved in the communities we are part of, and giving back in whatever way we can. This is our way of giving to the Lindy community. Through working in the committee, it has brought us much joy and friendship – it has been a validation of “you take out what you put in”.

JUYL : We are interested in knowing a little more about you – can you tell us how long have you been dancing? What inspires you about the dance?

Ans : We don’t know how to answer this while remaining anonymous – suffice to say, long enough to know that a simple activity like dance can make a difference in many small ways: bringing people together and giving them somewhere to belong, cheering someone up after a hard day, celebrating pure artistic beauty in a world that would otherwise descend into mere functionalism. And short enough to know that we are not very good at it, that there is still a beautiful learning journey ahead – we look forward to it!

Source of Inspiration: Each of us has different sources of inspiration. Frankie Manning and the spirit he role-models – bubbling joy, loving people, a big heart. And on the daily dance floor – the generosity of spirit and chivalry that is constantly displayed – leads making it a point to invite all followers present to dance (and vice versa), experienced dancers inviting beginners to dance to help them get started on the journey, and the warmth with which international visitors are made to feel welcome and included. Also, every time we dance, we feel connected to our partner. The connection with another human being is inspiration enough.

JUYL : What is your vision for Lindy Hop in Singapore?

Ans : A dynamic scene of a unique character, offering instruction and inspiration to dancers in the region. That it will become a well-known uber cool dance – a dance that everyone who’s  anyone will have heard of and want to learn. That anyone who says “I dance Lindy” will be greeted with the same awe and envy as saying “I work for Google” or “I drive a Porsche” or “I hang out with Johnny Depp”. 😉

JUYL : What message do you have for the winners?

Ans : We appreciate and believe in you. You won for a reason. You won because what you are doing matters. We hope that you will remember this when the going is not so smooth, when you feel like giving up on Lindy, when you ask yourself why you are doing this. Evangelists and pioneers can sometimes feel lonely and frustrated because not everyone shares their passion. We understand how much of yourselves you give to Lindy, and this is our way of supporting you. Please continue making the world a better place.

JUYL : Great . Thanks for sharing this with us. It is evident how much you love Lindy Hop !  We really appreciate you for this unprecedented initiative to spice up the Lindy community here and spread the love of Lindy Hop . Once again, thank you very much.


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