Reporting Live from Hong Kong!

Hi everyone! Hope you haven’t forgotten about me yet! It’s been a little over a week since I’ve moved back to Hong Kong and boy am I missing my Swingapore lindy family. Luckily, I’ve been getting updates from some of you – but unfortunately, these updates also tell me what I’ve been missing! However, my days in HK so far have also been full of fun and swing!

I’m lucky that HK Swings is also a great and friendly bunch, and also lucky that lots was going on at the same time that I moved back! First off, last Wednesday, we were able to swing to the Victoria Jazz Band at Grappa’s, who play there every first Wednesday of the month. They do everything great and swing, so it was a real treat.

Then, it was very exciting to have Shawn and Sachiko from Tokyo giving a workshop over last weekend. We had classes on musicality, rhythm, pulse leading, solo charleston, and fast lindy. What I loved most were the solo charleston classes since we learned a lot of cool moves…I just hope I can still remember them though and put them to use for I Charleston Hong Kong during HKSF! Hope Karen can organise some practice sessions soon! What I also loved about the workshop was that there was a strong focus on connection and leading/following and not so much on just learning new moves and routines. I think we pick up a lot of bad habits along the way and classes on connection can help remind us and help get us back on track. Here’s are some photos from the workshop:

On Saturday night after the workshop, there was another live band, The Stray Catz, playing at Grappa’s. These guys play every first Saturday of the month. I guess we’re never short of live jazz music in HK to swing to!

And to round off the weekend, Leru from Beijing Swings took us to an awesome jazz bar in TST called Ned Kelly’s. This is apparently one of the oldest jazz bars in Hong Kong and has been around since 1972. Who knew? The band was great too, but there’s not much room for dancing, and it’s a rubbery floor. But it’s a nice chill-out venue.

This is Pumpkin Pie, reporting live from HK as the JUYL Foreign Correspondent. Hope to see some of you soon at HKSF! Swinging out for now!


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