Good News Everyone! – The Herrang Scholarship

We’ve all heard about Herrang dance camp and the plan to invade it in 2011. While we’re all scurrying about making plans and figuring out our annual leave, a few of very generous Singapore dancers have initiated the inaugural Herrang Scholarship for Singapore-based Lindyhoppers!

$2,000 will be awarded to up to 3 individuals, with judging criteria including artistic standard, spirit of Lindy Hop, and post-Herrang contributions. You can nominate yourself, or a fellow Lindy-Hopper.

Application / nomination deadline: 30 November 2010
Announcement of winner: January 2011
Registration for Herrang: March 2011

How to apply?
Answer the following questions, and send it to

1. Name of Applicant / Nominee
2. How have you (or your nominee) promoted the Lindy scene in Singapore either through personal artistic standards or embodyng the spirit of Lindy Hop?
3. How do you (or your nominee) intend to contribute to the Lindy scene upon returning from Herrang?

For the complete T&C, questions and more,  visit this Facebook Page

JUYL is not the organising committee or a sponsoring party. The actual committee wish to remain anonymous but for ease of administration, Hong Wee and Adam Patrick have kindly consented to being PR.


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