Live music and dance energy FUSE together at MBS!

Following on from last Friday’s success at the Bellini Room, we let the fun momentum continue its course last night at the Marina Bay Sands. Our happy and energetic gang were ready to party after a week of work.

Fuse is a classy lounge located in the lobby of the hotel in MBS. Even though it’s located smack in the middle of the busy lobby with numerous passers-by, as soon as you enter the place it gives you a cozy and chill vibe. The live music came in the form of a guy from the States named Funch on the piano. He’s a delightful fellow who referred to us as “solid gold dancers” and cracked cheeky jokes about knowing friends who are swingers but they don’t dance 😉 He’s also go the cutest deep-belly chuckle you’ve ever heard, so don’t miss him! He’ll be playing and singing every evening (except Mondays and Tuesdays) at Fuse until 13 September so do check him out before he goes. He mainly did lounge jazz and rather mellow tunes…perfect if you’re looking to chillax. But as you know, with us swingers, we always find it hard to tame those jitterbugs in us so we asked if he could do a few swingin’ tunes for us. And even though he didn’t have that much swing in his repertoire, he was most obliging and played and sang us the swing tunes he had, even going so far as repeating a few numbers just so we could have more chances to strut our stuff on the nice wooden dance floor 😉

And, as usual, our swinging energy was infectious, and soon, others made their way onto the dance floor to show off their groovy moves, including Funch himself! Antonio was none too hestitant to swing me over to Funch when he complained he had no one to dance with 🙂 Funch said he used to dance when he was young, and he definitely hadn’t lost his moves!

watch the video

watch the video

It was another fun night…thanks to all those who showed up and made it great with your spirit and energy! Let’s continue to spread the lindy love and energy to all parts of this little island (no, not just the little man-made MBS island, I mean the whole of SG, hehe).

Until the next JUYL outing, keep swinging and keep smiling! 🙂


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