Get Dressed for Success: Q&A with Marz

You’ve seen her on the dancefloor. And when you see her walking in, you think “Man, my costume sucks.” Other than being a fantastic dancer, Marz amazes us by always showing up in the right outfit for the right occasion down to the tiniest details. We’ve asked Marz to share some secrets with us on how to look smashing on the dancefloor.

How long have you been dancing lindy for?
At least 10 years.

How did you get introduced to lindy?
At that time I came across & read an article about  African – American Dance in the local newspaper. Very interestingly different & amazing dance form to explore.  My very first lindy class was at Drama Centre , there my first met with Sing Lim & Fen Soh , my lindy dance teachers.

What’s your earliest memory of a lindy dress-up party?
During those days, we usually dress up to a theme even at our regular Swing Flings . Those are good happy memories.

How many lindy party “Best Costume”  award have you won so far? Which one is your favourite garb?
Two Awards.  All my costumes/outfits are my favourite 😉

How would you define your lindy fashion style in 3 words?
Diverse, Unique,  Me! (I think we have our own likes according to comfort zones, body shape & size, and life styles).

How do you balance between fashion and comfort?
Looking good, pleasant & presentable always the priority. What should matters is that you feel “good” in the look you present. When you feel good about how you look, your confidence level jumps, you’re happier, and your positive energy flows around you & naturally u will feel comfortable.

Tell us how you prepare for a dress-up lindy party! How much time do you spend on it?
Most of the time, it is fortunate to have something in my wardrobe that I can pull out to mix & match and not afraid to redefine my style concept to the theme.  It’s wonderful to pick up fashion magazine to get some great ideas. But ideas can be revamped to meet your personal tastes. No need to  spend much time , if you plan ahead before the day event, you will find the needs are within reach.

Which places can we scour for affordable and awesome outfits and accessories?

Far East Plaza , City Plaza, Bugis Village ,  Blk 741 #01-3079 Bedok Reservoir Road ,  Flea markets  and  This Fashion 😉
Actually, It is the style & the unique ways to put them together creatively to match the personality & the occasion.

Who/where do you get your lindy fashion inspiration from?
I look everywhere for inspiration. There is an art to putting together the right outfit for the right occasion. The best clothes do more than cover. They express the wearer’s personality and style. They make good first impressions.

Which other dancer in our scene should the ladies check out for inspiration? What about for the gentlemen?
At lindy parties I think most our ladies did pretty well in dressing up….but do check out Diana Nicolette Leong, Sing Lim & Ming Pang and from the gentlemen, good effort from Desmond Khoh, Hong Wee, Jordan Saw & Eric Tachibana.

Do you have any untried theme ideas you’d like to see happening at our lindy parties?

-Agent J


3 thoughts on “Get Dressed for Success: Q&A with Marz

  1. vintage superheroes… hmm ok i heard u!

    i so love Marz’s outfits and i think she inspires us to work harder on how we look. (even Hong Wee kena marzi-panned until he cant go out without a consultation)

    And I love that lindy is a dance that allows, infact encourages. people to express their individual personalities, whether it is full blown Outfits or super Kasual jeans.

  2. JAAAAA Eric’s Archetypal Tshirt and Slippers in rain/hail/shine/hot/cold. He got a look and sticking with it. Also: Blk 741 #01-3079 Bedok Reservoir Road- is that Marz’s house?? 😉

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