Four questions with Lennart Westerlund – a teaser

Most of us in Singapore have not met him, but we’ve all heard about his contribution to lindy and his very interesting personality. JUYL sent Lennart Westerlund a few questions via email about his third trip to our little island this weekend, and we’ve got some answers here. Amazing, for someone notorious for.., well, for not answering questions đŸ™‚ We will be bringing you an exclusive interview with Lennart in-person, so consider this a teaser for what’s coming!


What can we expect from your classes?
I hope that I will be able to pass on some ideas and rhythms closely linked to Frankie and his generation of dancers.

How does being a Lindy celebrity feel like, with the Rhythm Hotshots and all?
I have never felt like any kind of celebrity – from my point of view I just happened to come across swing dancing, had a lot of time and interest, and was willing to dig into it on a full time basis. After that one thing led to another and today I guess I’m still active trying to add things to the scene.

What are you looking forward to do in Singapore (lindy aside)?
The food. The weather is too hot and humid for me and I’m a non-shopper.

What’s the most memorable food you’ve eaten here?
Laksa from the old lady working on the ground floor in the building where the dance school was located 6-7 years ago.


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