Hullabaloo 2010 : The Perthfect Swing

Hullabaloo 2010 ended on 26 April 2010.

But each time Adam Lambert sings ‘ what do you want from me’ in the air , it conjures up the whole Hullabaloo experience I had during the 5 days at the Perth Lindy Exchange. Because that was the song most excessively played by many local radio stations while I was in Perth.

Some prelude here : Hullabaloo 2010 is a 5 day celebration of swing dancing held in Perth, Western Australia. Hullabaloo includes a wide variety of events; with plenty of social dancing, swing dance workshops with international instructors, live swing bands most nights, a vintage-themed swing ball, crazy dance contests.

Along with Agent H and 3 other prominent swing dancing friends from Lion city. We decided to join the fun and celebration . Most of us have not been to Perth, so we decided to register only for the social events, which leave the day time free for us to explore the beautiful Perth.

Our day time adventures included trips to

> Rottnest Island (picture album) where we saw quokka (picture album)

> Swan Valley (picture album 1)(picture album 2) for the wine and chocolate lover in us

> roam around fremantle market (picture album)

> tasted the famous Cicerello’s fish & Chips (picture album).

> And finally had a picnic by the park at Kings Park  (picture album) organised specially for all Hullabaloo participants.

The 5 of us from Singapore, was the largest one and only overseas contingent to Hullabaloo 2010. Although in a foreign land with complete strangers around, it did not feel awkward nor intimidating. People around here are friendly (even a random shopper was very polite to me at a supermarket) .It was not long before we swing in easily in true Lindy spirit and was dancing away from the first night.

Hullabaloo 2010 lined up a whopping 8 social events including 2 formal themed ‘Casablanca Ball’  (Special performance) and The ‘Hullabaloo Hop’ (Jack & Jill final) at the spectacular Perth Town Hall and 2 dance-through-the-night midnight madness strictly for the night owls and not for the faint-hearted !

And all these, took place within a cool , breezy and comfortable weather not found in the current Singapore climate that make one feels like living in a giant sauna – hot, humid sweaty wet. But in Hullabaloo , everybody get cooled and dried up pretty fast. it actually made me want to dance non-stop. No Kidding.

This trip, marked my 1 year into Swing / Lindy dancing. And the 4th dance camp that I attended. My maiden camp was Menari di Bali ( Oct ’09) (video), then it was Hong Kong Swing Festival ( Jan ’10) (video) (video 2), and lastly Singapore Sea Jam back in Feb (video) (video 2).

So then, What is special to me in Hullabaloo 2010 ?

Plenty . But the top of the list are ;

1. Lovely ladies and Compliments.

Ladies around here are friendly and lovely.

The beautiful Kate said this “It was so fun to dance with you”  after we had a dance.

This is the first verbal affirmation I hear, in my whole Lindy Journey, it made my day that night.


I especially like dancing with Jessie, clearly so did many others as it took  very long before I had a chance during Day 1. So we danced for 2 songs, after which  we carried on dancing with others on the social dance floor.

Day 2, saw her around but did not get to dance.

On the midnight after day 3 when I asked her for dance again , her replied was ” I’d love to ” enthusiastically with a big smile   “you are .. Anthony, right ?”

wow. That made my whole trip worthwhile, and truly satisfied considering I am a 1 year old  in Swing / Lindy dance  (*Wink) .  Doubly lovely.

2. Dress up theme parties

By far the most exaggerated dress up marathon I have ever experienced.

Day 1 – Cowboy  , Day 2 – Sailor , Day 3 – Peranakan , Day 4 – Suit up ! , Day 5 – Red & White. It was smashingly pukka . The 5 of us had good fun and laughter dressing up, and taking pictures, pictures and more pictures. Indeed, we left a good and lasting impression in Perth and perhaps unknowingly set a new standard for you reading this very blog who are looking forward to represent Singapore and join Hullabaloo 2011.

(picture album)

3. Dancing in the magnificent Perth Town Hall with big band and live Jazz.

There is only one word to describe the experience – Perthfect.

(picture album)

4. Lindy (pseudo) family quality time.

A young parents and 3 (over)grown-up kids had good time bonding and appreciating the vacation together. We took this rare opportunity to have our annual family photo taken – studio like (picture album).

We lived in a 2 storey detached house , off Stirling Highway in Fremantle. With 3 bedrooms above, while on ground floor – a spacious living area, dinning area,  kitchen and al fresco garden co-joining the car porch for our family car – a silver Lancer Ex  . Fabulous .

5. Aerial up the hill, by the beach, and by the vineyard.

We were wild and daring. With aerial moves still fresh in our mind, we attempted the moves at Rottnest Island, up on the windy hill, along the coast with the clear blue sky at the backdrop .

We were very daring, so we did it again during the swan valley vineyard visit.

We were wild and opps we did it again by the beach not far from our humble house.

Armed with the inflated confidence from practices above, we did the moves with Hasse and Marie at Kings Park !

(picture album 1) (picture album 2)

So, that is the top 5 of my fond memories in Hullabaloo 2010  ,

besides  “What do you want from me “?

Swinging off ,

Anthony , a.k.a Agent A


3 thoughts on “Hullabaloo 2010 : The Perthfect Swing

  1. That’s an awesome report and once again, we are all imagining if only we were there, this is what we’d wear 🙂

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