Swinging Hard at Big Easy

The Band on their first night at Big Easy

Rick (on guitar) and Nick (on keyboard) should already be familiar to those who frequent Harry’s. The vocalist was Beverly, who some may have seen at Paulaner Brauhaus (she still sings there) or recognise her from a certain reality show some years back. Huge huge thanks and 1,000,000 awesome points to the band, they were too nice and played mostly swing that night cos they found out that the swingers were coming. Pleasant surprise for us, and of course we obliged ..

The bar cleared the dancefloor for us before we came!

So yes, we’ll definitely make this one of our new hangouts and we’ll be down at the Big Easy again very very soon! My one gripe is just that the area in general still seem pretty quiet. Maybe because not many people would go all the way down to Sentosa if they’re not intending to gamble anyway. But let’s hope it get livelier over time! And don’t forget to support the venue by buying food / drinks. Don’t be a cheap bastard who only gets iced water the whole 3 hours you’re there :p

Big Easy Cajun Cuisine Jazz & Blues Bar is located at The Forum (Festive Walk), Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. Live music every Wednesday-Sunday, from 8.00pm onwards.


2 thoughts on “Swinging Hard at Big Easy

    • not anyone in particular, just hoping this won’t happen πŸ˜› but comon, we’ve all done it at other places sometimes! fess up! πŸ˜›

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