What Becomes of Chromazone at Harry’s

So we went down to Harry’s at Boat Quay for Chromazone’s one last jam there last Saturday (17 April). Guess many regular patrons got the news and went down there to just party one last time with Chromazone, who’ve been a live music feature at Harry’s Boat Quay for years now. Lots of their musician friends also joined in the jam, which continued on well into the night. They even dedicated a song, the all-time favorite Shiny Stockings, for us dancers 🙂

So what becomes of the 4 Chromazone ‘regular’ musicians? Well Christy and Eddy has been playing regularly for a while in Southbridge Jazz@7atenine at the Esplanade for some time (we didn’t see them at Harry’s that night), and the rest of the band, Rick and Nick, with 2 other musicians will be moving to….. DUn dun DUnnnn…. our potential new hangout!

Sizzling Jazz as always, with many guest musicians

Trying to dance in whatever space left


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