Akan Datang (Coming Soon) April 2010

Friday Night Chill-Out with Dawn Ho
Friday, 23 April 2010
Tapas Tree, Clarke Quay
9.30pm onwards

Enjoy Dawn’s sultry voice while enjoying yummy tapas at this place. Other than having a lovely voice, Dawn is also now officially hot, with her being featured in the May 2010 edition of FHM Singapore.  So guys, be there! For the girls, there’s a cute guitarist accompanying Dawn and her bossa nova tunes. So girls, be there! And of course for the rest who doesn’t enjoy good music, or good food, there’s always yours truly who’s always a great company 😛


Special Report from Hullabaloo, Perth’s Lindy Exchange

JUYL agents H and A are heading down-under to Hullabaloo this week for some serious swinging, fancy dress partying, and havoc making. We’ll wait for their return with wonderful tales of lindy hopping in Perth!


Special Interview with Personality of The Month

We interviewed our personality of the month on the celebration of his 21st birthday anniversary which he has celebrated annually for… let’s just say a few years now. Our resident videographer is currently hectically editing the video and it will be uploaded soon!

Find out how he started lindy hopping, his swing fantasy, and his (in)famous custard joke. Just as a teaser, here’s a photo of the interview:

Now you know who our mystery personality of the month is!
Hang on tight for the video. It’s gonna be awesome.


Et Cetera Et Cetera
We’re gonna crash Big Easy on 1 May 2010, their first night of live music.
Also, a strictly-no dancing outing coming up soon. Looking at the poll results, we better get ready for some serious board gaming!


One thought on “Akan Datang (Coming Soon) April 2010

  1. 1. am so going to miss the outing at Tapas Tree this Fri.
    so.. remember to take photos even if my camera is not here !

    2. Hullabaloo it is ! Stay tuned .

    3. well. teaser only , wow can’t wait for the full script .
    also the home made video of the interview is coming right along.

    4. Take it easy at Big Easy, exciting exciting..
    let us labour into Jazz on a labour day.

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