Happenings: 10-11 April 2010

The JUYL dance-optional outing (according to Anthony’s count this should be.. JUYL VI?)
Saturday, 10 April 2010
Bellini Room, St James Power Station
9.30pm – the cows come home

Anyone wanna volunteer to make dinner arrangements? I’m afraid if I leave this to Anthony he’ll go crazy and make us all eat leaves. — FYI Anthony is nuts for salad. Comon he does NOT need a diet!

Summer Fling with live music
Sunday, 11 April 2010
Jitterbugs Studio, The Cathay

A special twist to our regular Sunday socials. This weekend it comes with…. *drum roll* LIVE MUSIC! It will feature the Summertimes Hotshots band. (read carefully, not the Harlem Hotshots!) I expect the usual dinner and banter at Kopitiam after.

UPDATE: Summer Fling will be followed by a post-swing durian fling


One thought on “Happenings: 10-11 April 2010

  1. Ho Ho Steph
    great stuff here.

    now JUYL has both wings in place, ready to take off and fly high.

    But excuse me, Salad does not mean diet at all.
    it has good serving of nuts, meats and dressings.

    In any case, I am in Harbourfront / Vivo from 6:30 pm this sat.
    so, yes someone can make dinner arrangement . or else, it is salad time for ya .

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