Swingers Swamping Singapore

The 16 March edition of The Straits Times listed some 8 Jazz joints that sprung up around town recently. The article promised good music and good food, so of course we just have to check them out. You know, test the waters and see if we can make any of them a regular hangout 🙂

  1. Ink Bar Club @ Fairmont [tested] — cool and hip place to chill with some wine and Jeremy Monteiro. Trippy floor that changes colours.
  2. Quarubar @ Frankel Ave
  3. The Tapas Tree @ Clarke Quay [tested] — relaxed and friendly, amazingly good food, gorgeous singer, hot guitarist
  4. Bellini Room @ St James Power Station [tried and tested] — crowd favorite for party time, dark and clubby, dancefloor
  5. Southbridge Jazz 7atenine @ Esplanade mall [tested] — music, mojitos, makan
  6. Axis Bar & Lounge @ Mandarin Oriental
  7. Blu Jaz @ Bali Lane [tested, sorta] —  cute and quirky, food and drinks reasonably priced, hot hot socials on Thursday, yet to try on other days
  8. The Big Easy @ Festive walk RWS [next!] — looking forward to this one, heard a dixie band from New Orleans are coming to play regularly starting May!

Look at all the cool cats' inviting stareshmm.. wonder who these awesomely cool people are..


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