Jean Veloz 90th Birthday Celebration

A Video clip of Jean Veloz birthday Jam that was posted in March 2014 had recently and suddenly became viral .

Within weeks it had become the most viewed , watched, sensational video clip of swing dancing in the history of swing dance. Number of views is currently 1.41 Millions  and across 228 countries.

( The most watched to-date is Fast Swing dancing – ULHS 2006 at 7 Millions )

What’s worth noting , 60-75% views of Jean Veloz 90th Birthday Jam are people from outside swing dance community , in most cases, outside dance/music community.

Here are some of the sites/blogs that featured the video

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in facebook : channel933  , 95.7KJR  ( with 6660 re-share in facebook ) , teepr

This will continue to be viral to spread the jitterbug .

Happy Swingin’ !


Sing Lim , Rusty Frank , Jean Veloz , Li-Hsien


Anthony , Jean Veloz


Jean with her Birthday Cake


Swing-out !

About Jean Veloz

Jean Phelps Veloz, the icon of the Hollywood-Style Lindy to new generations of swing dancers, provides a living bridge from the Los Angeles dance scene of the 1940’s to the present-day Lindy Hop revival that has swept the United States and the rest of the world since the late 1990’s.

Jean started dancing when she was a teenager. In 1943 she entered a contest at American Legion Stadium in Hollywood, where the prize was a Screen Actor’s Guild membership card and a dance cameo in the movie Swing Fever starring Kay Kyser and Marilyn Maxwell. Jean won the contest, her SAG card, and the opportunity to dance with Lennie Smith and Don Gallager in the feature-length movie.

Jean stopped dancing in 1981 , but in 1992 she was persuaded to start dancing again. Thus , she began to make appearances at Lindy Hop events around the world including Marcus and Barbl’s Rock that Swing in Munich, Germany, the Virginia State Open; Gottaswing’s in Washington DC’s annual Groovie Movie event, Camp Hollywood, Herrang Dance Camp and many many more including SEA Jam 2014 at Bangkok , Thailand where this video was recorded.

Contact her via Rusty Frank

Find her in facebook  , Join her at AZ Swing Jam XVIII 3-5 October 2014



An Announcement on new direction

In 2010, the Herrang Scholarship was established to promote the growth of Lindy Hop (in  number, in artistic depth and in its spirit) – over the past 3 years, we had subsidised various  deserving individuals to the Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. We are extremely glad to see the growth in these individuals, and the many ways they have contributed back to the Lindy community.

Following a review, the Herrang Scholarship committee decided to change direction.

Instead of subsidising overseas dance camps, we would like to encourage more local outreach projects, as an effort to grow the size of the Swing community. More people should benefit from knowing the music and the dances – we know, because we have.

To grow the swing community in Singapore , Herrang Scholarship will subsidise projects that promote the dances and music of the swing era (eg Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Tap).

Such projects include outreach events, public performances and marketing tools that introduce the  dances and music to newcomers (eg Project RABBIT ).

– Expenditure that directly benefits the community rather than individuals

eg rental of equipment and venue, rather than purchase of equipment.

– Ad hoc projects rather than recurring commitments

eg one-off concerts, rather than ongoing regular socials

– There is no cap on the number of projects supported, but the total fund is up to S$2,000 annually, on a first-approved first-disbursed basis.

For enquiries and application
Write to
or catch Hong Wee at the social dance floor.

What is Herrang Scholarship ?

Read more about it : The conception


Sinclair Ang , Brian Ang , Sing Yuen Lim , Stephanie Jade


Kalaivani Gopal


Anthony Mak

Steamed Eggs & Ginger swing band

1477080_10152392333933275_7374546_oIn January 2011 ,  a group of avid swing dancers came together to eat, be merry, and decided to form a band . They named their band Steamed Eggs & Ginger.
Since then, they have become the most talked-about swing band among the swing dancers , lindy hoppers and tap dancers in town.
Yet ,  little is known about this group.
JUYL wondered who they are, called-in their hotline and checked them out .

What is in the name Steamed Eggs & Ginger? 

Steamed Eggs & Ginger is a swing band formed by swing dancers with the goal of playing swing music for the dance community.  Eponymously named after a dessert, the band started when a group of friends gathered for food on 2nd January 2011.

401610_10150444462412765_1937967640_n - Copy

Where it all began at Ah Chew Desserts 阿秋甜品

Some members of the group had recently watched the movie “Swing Girls” and were impressed by how the actresses had managed to learn their instruments from scratch just for the movie. The group toyed with the idea of setting up a band and wondered what they would name the group.

Many random names were suggested and rejected. Just as we were running out of ideas, we turned to the dessert menu on the table. The name “Steamed Eggs & Ginger” (薑汁燉蛋 in chinese) had a nice ring to it and was eventually chosen. Can you imagine how unwieldy it would have been if we had gone with “Grass Jelly with Attap Chee”?

We started out with a capella singing, since we did not own any instruments then. On 19th March 2011, our new band scoured Esplanade library for music scores, which eventually led to our first performance at the JUYL Christmas Party in 2011.

2012 marked a major milestone for the band with the purchase of “Ella” the double bass,  “Little Horn” the trumpet and the nameless electronic drum set. “Yamaha san” the Canadian-Japanese keyboard also came out of retirement to join the instruments. With the basic components of a band in place, Steamed Eggs & Ginger was all set to enter a new phase of music-making!

Who are the members of the band ?

We are quite open to people who are interested in playing with the band, so Steamed Eggs & Ginger has gained an extra member or two along the way since we started.  Importantly, commitment is what we look for. Recognizing that learning music and playing together well takes time, we need members who are committed.

It is also why we do not have a band leader. It is an egalitarian culture where members are united by the same goals and take ownership of making a good name for the band.


  •  Piano:  Shuquan is the pianist and most well versed in jazz and improvisation.


  • Trumpet: Yiheng bought his trumpet “Little Horn” after being inspired by the spontaneous jamming sessions he witnessed at Herräng Dance Camp.


  • Double-bass:  Boyu chose to pick up the double-bass when he fell in love with the resonating mellow tones of the instrument.532767_10150882189812765_917021603_n - Copy
  • Singers:  Charlotte, Peiyi and Ching Shan.  Charlotte and Peiyi both sang for choir and popular Chinese groups in their younger days. Ching Shan has always loved jazz music and she used to play trumpet in a jazz band.


  • Tap and music engineer:  Wei Chin loves tap dancing and started not too long ago. She was awarded an outstanding student award at Australian Tap Dance Festival 2012.


  • Drums:  Jing Yang, who picked up drums about half a year ago and plays with a rock band on top of playing with Steamed Eggs & Ginger.


  • Drums:  Carine , latest addition to the band , she enjoys swing dance and currently learning to play drums.

Tell us a thing or two , about each member

One of the singers has a habit of painting her nails and they always seem to be in different colours and designs. One of her most innovative nail designs features the MinionsTM !

We lost another singer to Sleepless in Seattle. When we can, we send her a care-pack of her favourite food items from home in the hope of her return and rejoining the band.

The double bass player owns 2 Japanese dolls and has pictures of his favourite idol, Mayuyu, from the Japanese Girl Group AKB48 plastered around his room.

During each practice session, the trumpet player folds a little paper box into which he periodically empties the saliva accumulated in his trumpet.

The pianist lives out of backpacks and briefcases when he is not in town to run another rigorous practice session.

The tapper’s tap shoes were named “Tippy” and “Tappy”. We can’t seem to remember which is which.

One of the singers originated from certain Latino dance origins but has since been hooked on Swing.

But the drummer who originated in Swing is turning more and more to other music and dance influences …

All’s good in the exploration of music and dance!

How and where do you find inspiration ?

Group practices are held mostly at the double bass player’s house so that he does not have to carry Ella around. However, we have also used other member’s houses for practices, as long as their neighbours don’t complain! We rent studios for practices when our performance dates draw near.

The biggest challenge is scheduling practices and members prioritizing their own respective commitments.  It is a really big achievement that we have so far managed to meet our performance goals.   What keeps everyone together is the friendship and love for swing, jazz and Lindy hop.

We are at our beginning stages as a jazz band. We hope that as we become more comfortable with jazz improvisation, the creative juices will start to flow. Some of us take up improvisation classes, attend talks and learn from the music directors, usually at the double bass player’s house.

Of course, listening to the Jazz greats and watching dancers are always a good source of inspiration!

Does it help to be a dancer ( and vice versa ) ?

To quote our drummer, “Playing drums has improved my dancing.  My rhythm has improved dramatically”.
And quoting dance teachers in our own community as well as overseas – “If you don’t know your music, you don’t know your dance!”

What does the future hold for Steamed Eggs & Ginger?

Que sera sera , the future’s not ours to see.
We are beginning to fulfill our goal of providing live music to the swing dancers.
So far, we have performed once at the JUYL Christmas Party 2011 , and twice at Jitterbugs Swingapore where we had our inaugural performance in december 2012.
Up next, our first ever full set performance will be taking place on  the 9 December 2013 at China One. Swing by !

Thank you very much Steamed Eggs & Ginger, the future holds the best for you.

Follow their facebook page @


Do try  Steamed Eggs & Ginger -薑汁燉蛋 at a dessert stall near you


Frankie Special (Part 6)

Introducing Frankie Manning ( 1914 – 2009 )

Today, we feature Part 6 of the Lindy Love Letter from Sing .  (The first letter was written in May 2012. Read Part 1 here )


In this edition, I have Bee  to share about Frankie Manning.


1. What were your first impressions of Frankie?

I am Bee, a homemaker in my late thirties. It’s been 12 years since I first stepped into my first lindy hop class at Jitterbugs Swingapore and I was hooked! It’s such a happy and fun dance.

A few months later, I attended my first swing camp at SEA Jam 2002, it’s here I met the legendary Mr. Frankie Manning.


Bee with Frankie Manning

On the first night of the camp, Frankie was sitting down resting most of the time, I understood as it’s normal for an 88 years old man. But boy was I wrong when I saw him dance with my teacher Sing Lim. Frankie was full of joy, energy and he made the follow shine. I was awestruck.

bee HDC 2012

Bee at Herrang Dance Camp 2012

bee with sing

Bee with Sing at Herrang Dance Camp 2012

2. What do you like about Frankie’s dancing ?

Over the next couple of days, I attended Frankie’s classes for the first time. He’s a cheerful teacher and his classes were really fun. I learned about respect, connection,  many cool Frankie’s moves and of course the shim sham.

In the days that follows, I’ve watched many lindy videos of Frankie’s dancing. The most famous one is definitely the Hellzapoppin in 1941 which Frankie choreographed and danced in. The speed was crazy fast, the dancers and Frankie were all dancing with so much energy, clean and great air steps. My jaw almost fell out when I first saw  that clip.

bee 2012-2bee 2012

Bee dancing at SEA Jam 2012

I couldn’t remember if I was brave enough to ask Frankie for a dance during my first SEA Jam. But nonetheless I got to dance with Frankie a few times during the many times Frankie came to SEA Jam to teach. Frankie was a really good lead, taking care of the follow and the dances were really fun although the moves weren’t as big like when he’s younger. Anyway,I was practically in heaven after every dance with Frankie.

Bee SEA Jam 13 chase

Bee with Chazz Young ( Frankie’s Son )

Bee Art DecoBee with friends

bee CSI 2013

Bee with Singapore dancers at CSI 2013 – Korea

3. What do you think is his legacy and what can we still learn from Frankie ?

While Frankie’s alive, he had gave his life travelling around the world teaching and spreading his love for lindy Hop. I’m really honoured to have met and learned from this inspiring teacher in Singapore. Frankie has brought the spirit of lindy and love to our community here which we should continue to uphold. We can still learn from Frankie that it is never too late, never too old to do anything. Be passionate on the things you love. Let the spirit of lindy continue to burn bright within us.

Bee Frankie 95 2009

Bee with Singapore dancers at Frankie 95


Thank you for inspiring me, dear Frankie.

I love and miss you much.



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Frankie Special (Part 5)

Introducing Frankie Manning ( 1914 – 2009 )

Today, we feature Part 5 of the Lindy Love Letter from Sing .

(The first letter was written in May 2012. Read Part 1 here )


In this edition, I have Alex to share about Frankie Manning.

alex 2012

Alex ( center ) with friends  at Sentosa Singapore – 2012

Alex Yeo, 36 – a management consultant , started dancing Lindy Hop 11 years ago.

He first met Frankie at SEA Jam 2002.
Since then , he met him every year during SEA Jam up to 2007


1. What were your first impressions of Frankie?

Alex:  Joyful, content with the world, one with the dance.

alex 2002Alex at SEA Jam 2002

2. What do you like about Frankie’s dancing , when he was young and when he was older.

Alex : When he was young, what I really enjoyed was his energy and the abandon/rough edges he brought to the dance.

When he was older, I enjoyed the grace and sheer joy that he took with even simple moves.

alex 2005Alex at SEA Jam 2005

3. If you were a beginner again, what do you wish you had learnt from Frankie.

Alex : How to enjoy every single step with every dance

alex 2006

Alex at SEA Jam 2006

4. What was the most important thing Frankie brought to Singapore dancers ?

Alex : The sense of history, and how simple a great joyful dance could be.

Alex with Singapore dancers celebrating Frankie’s birthday 2012

5. As an experienced dancer now, what would you ask Frankie if you could?

Alex :  How do you continue to keep yourself interested in the dance after so long?

6. What do you think is his legacy that we should continue to uphold in Singapore? What can we still learn from Frankie?

Alex :  The joy that you can have when dancing with anyone. The idea of paying it forward to the rest of the Lindy community.

alex seajam 2012

Alex performing at SEA Jam 2012

7. How do you think Singapore dancers can relate to Frankie ?

Alex :  The sense of history and perspective around how lindy first came to be, and how it’s grown since then. That helps us connect both to Frankie and to Lindy hop

alex HKSF12

Alex with Singapore dancers at Hong Kong Swing Festival 2012

alex frankie 2012

Alex with Singapore dancers celebrating Frankie’s birthday 2012

Thank you Alex

By Sing Yuen Lim

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